The Price Guide Browser
by Bill Meier

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iPhone/iPad Installation Information

This requires the helper app Goodreader. Please go to the App Store and download that first.

Be sure to use the Safari browser, if you use Google you will not be able to download the Price Guide Browser.

Download the Price Guide Browser and when complete, it should report and an option "Open in Goodreader". Tap that, and then a screen with ZIP archive options will come up. Tap "Unzip". You will see a folder called "pgb-phone-iphone" (do not get this confused with the file ""). Tape that folder and it should display a file caller Browser.htm. Tap that to open the Price Guide Browser.

You can also tap the star on the far right of the file name and mark it as a starred item so you can get to it quickly from the "Starred" menu item in Goodreader, typically at the bottom of the screen.

When you find Browser.htm tap it to open it. A tap on the screen will make Goodreader's toolbar appear. If you need it, there is a back arrow "<" on the left bottom of the screen. Tap the screen again and it will return to full screen mode.

Last updated: April 15, 2019